Our Approach is Totally Different

Ventura was born as a result of the analysis of all steps in the process of goods from their manufacturer to end-consumer. Manager Emiel De Vleeschouwer considered this process too complicated, too time-consuming, too long and therefore finally very expensive. The solution and “Our Totally Different Approach” manifested itself by organising this process as efficient and short as possible.


Allow the customer to make his choice before starting the manufacturing.  
As a consequence you can offer quality at competitive prices and the customer will have his goods delivered 3 to 4 months after placing his order, or even at a later date, if he prefers otherwise. This avoids storage for importers or wholesalers and therefore there will not be any latent capital.


Never stock loss  | Very short process from factory to consumer  | High quality, because we keep control over the whole process, from the manufacturing of the product to its final destination.

Design - Manufacturing - Import

Table Art and Interior Design


Outdoor living

Sleep Comfort


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